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In the recent years, companies that were not able to adapt their businesses to digital transformation got left behind competition. In the meantime, some younger companies changed the rules of the game by coming up with new and innovative business models making it more challenging for other companies to stay ahead of the game. What exactly is Digital Transformation? What does it mean for companies? Who are the leaders of Digital Transformation within organizations? How does it impact the business models and consumer experiences? Where do new technology and consumer trends fit in this picture?


  • Changing Business Models

  • What is Digital Transformation?

  • Piilars of Digital Transformation: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Organizational Agility, Transformation Corporate Culture

  • Technology Trends: Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

  • Success Factors of Digital Transformation

  • New Marketing Trends

  • New Face of Customer Loyalty

  • Changing Rules of Marketing

  • Attention Economy

  • From Multi-Channel To Omni-Channel

  • New Communication Channels

  • Understanding Generation Z

  • Chatbots

  • Influencers in Marketing


With the rapid shift of marketing focus from traditional media to online platforms, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have a firm grasp on how to build robust digital marketing strategies. This course covers the digital marketing fundamentals and ways to structure an effective and measurable digital marketing strategy. The main goal of the course is to help participants gain a solid understanding of various digital marketing approaches and tools to be able to build digital marketing strategies and evaluate their impact effectively.


  • Digital Transformation and Marketing Trends

    • Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Models

    • Disruptive Business Models

    • Pillars of Digital Transformation

    • Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

    • New Marketing and E-Commerce Trends

    • Leaders of Digital Transformation in Companies

  • Trend Analysis and Measuring Success in Digital

    • Trend Analysis Tools and Approaches

    • Setting Metrics Based on Targets

    • Big Data and Marketing Data Sources

    • Sample Marketing Measurement Approaches

    • Funnel Analysis for E-Commerce Sites

  • Search Engine Marketing and Content Strategy

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Defining and Implementing Content Strategy

    • Mobile Compatibility and Mobile Marketing

    • Search Engine Ads

  • Digital Advertising and Lead Generation

    • Digital Advertising Strategies

    • E-Mail Marketing

    • Remarketing

    • Programmatic Advertising

    • Landing Pages

    • E-Commerce Approaches

  • Social Media Marketing

    • Social Media Platforms

    • Building a Social Media Strategy

    • Creating Engagement in Social Media

    • Managing Communication on Social Media

    • Digital Identity and Personal Digital Branding

    • Reputation Management

  • Influencer Marketing

    • Viral Impact vs. Viral Success

    • Celebrities vs. Opinion Leaders vs. Micro Influencers

    • Methods of Creating Viral Impact


E-Commerce changed the way of doing business for all sectors not only with their customers but also with their partners. New trends of E-Commerce, ways to integrate e-commerce to your business models, building blocks of e-commerce, success factors of e-commerce websites will be the topics covered in this workhop.


  • New E-Commerce Trends

  • E-Commerce Models (B2B, B2C, C2C, Marketplace)

  • E-Commerce Design Approaches (UX/UI Design Processes and Technology Requirements)

  • E-Commerce Mobile Application Strategies

  • E-Commerce Content Strategy

  • Call-to-Action Methods

  • Loyalty Programs

  • E-Commerce Funnel Analysis / Analytics

  • Setting KPIs and Reporting for E-Commerce Websites

  • Landing Page Design

  • Lead Generation

  • Behavioral Marketing

  • Payment Systems

  • Performance Management with Agencies


This training covers the fundamental marketing concepts and building blocks of a Strategic Marketing Plan. The purpose is to share the process of strategic planning along with basic marketing principles that can be used while building the plan. All the topics are followed with brainstorming sessions and group workshops to make it easier to turn concepts into practice.


  • Strategic Plan and the Building Blocks

  • Creating the Company Vision

  • Market Analysis Approaches and Tools

  • Competition Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Segmentation Strategies

  • Target Setting

  • Relationship between Vision, Strategy and Tactic

  • Growth Strategies

  • Competition Strategies

  • Brand Identity and the Building Blocks

  • Brand Positioning

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Marketing Communication Principles

  • Measuring Success



We are in a world where the competitive edge relies on creativity and innovation, and it is a priority for companies to build these two into their DNAs. How do we implement the creativity and innovation within the company culture as an individual or as a team? How can you be more creative as an individual, how can teams empower each other for creativity and innovation, how can the company culture support innovation.


  • Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation

  • Different Faces of Innovation in Companies

  • Being More Creative as an Individual

  • The Process of Idea Generation

  • Evaluating Ideas with the Acid Test

  • The Barriers and Triggers of Creativity

  • Team Culture That Enables Innovation

  • Innovation in Company Culture

  • Examples of Innovative Culture



Digital Transformation is now becoming more than tool to gain competitive advantage. It is becoming a need for sustainability and survival. In this workshop, we bring out the innovative ideas to kick off the digital transformation journey of your company through brainstorming sessions and group exercises.


  • WORKSHOP I: Disruption Map (Digital Transformation Pillars and Approaches)

  • WORKSHOP II: Gap Analysis (Sector/Company/Competition Analysis)

  • WORKSHOP III: Ideation (Digital Transformation Brainstorming Sessions)

  • WORKSHOP IV: Prioritization (Proiritization of Ideas by KPI)

  • WORKSHOP V: Presentation (Detailing and Evaluation of the Innovative Ideas)

  • WORKSHOP VI: Evaluation (Discussion of Challenges and Next Steps)



How can we enable creativity and innovation in a company? This workshop is the first step. As a group, we determine where we want to be in five years time frame. This is followed by workshops targeting to analyze the improvement points and then come up with creative ideas to jumpstart the company in an ideation process.


  • WORKSHOP I: Disruption Map (Pillars of Innovation and the a Future Look)

  • WORKSHOP II: Gap Analysis (Company Improvement Points Analysis)

  • WORKSHOP III: Ideation (Brainstorming Session for Creative Idea Generation)

  • WORKSHOP IV: Prioritization (Proiritization of Ideas by KPI)

  • WORKSHOP V: Presentation (Detailing and Presentation of Ideas in an Elevator Pitch Format)

  • WORKSHOP VI: Evaluation (Discussion of Challenges and Next Steps)


This training focuses on the approaches and skills needed to turn oneself from a sole team manager to a leader that delivers results and grows the team. It covers the topics of how to build a strong team, motivate people, manage performance, grow and help others grow, and enable creativity and innovation to get the best out of the teams.


  • Challenges of Managers

  • Building Blocks of Successful Leadership

  • Choosing the Right People for the Team

  • Effective Job Interviews

  • Different Organizational Approaches

  • Communication Built on Character Styles

  • Building a Long Term Vision

  • Giving the Team a Direction

  • Building Trust and Motivation Within the Team

  • Performance Management Processes

  • Awarding Success

  • Career Growth Plans

  • Innovative Leader

  • Being Creative as an Individual

  • Empowering the Team to Enable Creativity

  • Turning Creativity into Innovation



The purpose of this training is to share the techniques to use for more effective communication of ideas on stage in company meetings, customer meetings and large conferences. The training covers the full process from preparation to delivery supported by individual presentations which are observed and rated by the trainer and the attendees.


  • Planning the Presentation Flow and Content

  • Preparations Before the Meeting/Event

  • Body Language and Use of Voice

  • Building Presence on Stage

  • Controlling Stage Anxiety

  • Managing Audience Engagement

  • Turning Theory into Practice (video recorded workshop)

  • Maintaining Control against the Unexpected

  • Preparing for Customer and Corporate Presentations

  • Controlling the Meeting Flow

  • Addressing the Questions in Corporate Presentations

  • Customer and Corporate Presentations (video recorded workshop)